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Intimate Coven Coaching for coaches

and creative entrepreneurs to reclaim your medicine and magic.

You want your magic back.

It’s time to turn back on.

You’re ready to feel that fire in your belly again.

To feel inspired and lit up again -

To yourself, your business, your pleasure, your relationships.


I know. It’s been a journey to get here. I am celebrating you. Sit down, relax, and cozy up with your fave beverage.

While you’re here, you can set your bag down (the one holding all the shame, fear, worry, or anxiety that may be present). It’s not as hard or scary as you think.

You have permission to take a deep breath. Maybe one more.

YES I'm ready to apply

Welcome to the Come Alive Coven.

A 6 month magical mentorship back into your medicine and magic.

Back to feeling tingles in all the right places, and lit up and inspired in your business,

your pleasure, and your life, cuz you know how connected it all really is.

This is a program designed to kick that resistance and negative voice to the curb.

To reconnect to the practices that make you come alive, so you can actually show up in the ways you need to for yourself, your business, and your relationship.

And to be in a sacred collective with a intimate group of powerful peers!

Its time to take some of your own medicine, and stop giving it all away to everyone else.

Yes I'm ready to apply!

You know you’ve got something special, and your life proves it.


That part of you who who seems determined to self sabotage likes to come out and do its thing...

  • Secretly telling you don’t have enough - you need more certifications, more education, always tricking you into thinking you need MORE.

  • Hiding behind taking care of everyone else

  • Telling you are behind

  • Sending you scrolling on the socials... where you compare yourself to others


Psychedelic psychedelic

You are salivating to get back to that fiery younger version of you that started this work in the first place.

If this is you - you’re in the right place.

You are a high achiever and you set the bar at the tippy top for yourself. (recovering perfectionist over here too)

You are always striving for excellence, and want your work to do good in the world.

Not just for you, but for the collective.

You’re tired of all the BS out there in the coaching world and want to leave the business better than you found it.

Yet no matter your successes...

you don’t let it be enough.

You get a rave review from a client - yet a part of you wants to beat yourself up because you also had a teeny tiny bit of constructive feedback that now you're fixated on.

You finished another impressive certification, but you just checked insta and so and so has already been doing it longer, so you feel defeated.

You’re feeling overwhelmed in life and not finding the pleasure you once did.

You love time with your clients and know you’re talented at what you do,

but you are burned out on the constant marketing required and feeling uninspired.

You adore your partner, but miss the spark and playfulness, and twitterpaition you once had.

You used to have tons of desire and now feel like you’re on the treadmill just getting through the days.

And the thing is...

You KNOW what to do, but you’re just NOT feeling inspired to do it.

You’re great at guiding others, and lately not adding yourself into the mix.

You want to reconnect to yourself and your intuition. To that fire in your belly.

To build your self trust again.

You want to be kinder to yourself, and do the things you KNOW support you.

You want to find the joy and pleasure in your body again,

and feel your sexy confidence back.

Yes I'm ready to apply

You’ve already done so much to get where you want to be.

(I know sometimes it feels hard to celebrate yourself but just play along.)

You've Made Time For Yourself

But realized often it is not enough, and constant interruptions make it harddddd.

You've Done The Work

You’ve got all the creds, put in the hours, and have made a name for yourself (yet it’s still doesn’t feel like enough sometimes, and you don’t want it to be all about you anyways)

You Have the Sexy Lingerie

You’ve bought the sexy lingerie and made the dates, but think of your to do list the entire time and can’t drop into connection with your partner because that damn email you forgot to send.

You Meditate and Take the Baths

Yes you meditate, take baths, exercise, eat well, yet still don’t feel like yourself anymore.

You Read ALL the Books

You’ve read all the books, taken all the courses

(yet the journaling and reading aren’t cutting it, you want more depth and devoted support)

You Are F#$%ing Over It.

You always feel like you’ve got to do more.

WHEN you’ve lost the last 10 pounds, gotten the next client, kids are older, finished the next certification, (insert all the things you are pressuring yourself to do)

Then you’ll make time to marinate in your own medicine again, find time for pleasure, launch your program, be more visible,

and stand out in the way that feels good to you.

But doing more, constantly on the treadmill and the grid that our society tells us is needed - is burning you TF out. And you are Fin OVER IT

YES I'm ready to apply



It’s time to reconnect to your own medicine and magic again.



Come Alive Coven

You’re ready to receive more connection, love, inspiration, pleasure, time and joy for yourself.

The magical ingredients

Psychedelic psychedelic
Psychedelic psychedelic
Psychedelic psychedelic
Psychedelic psychedelic

Collective Group Support

We’re not meant to do this alone!

Healing happens in community. It’s time to flex your receiving muscle, and allow all the support to wash over you like a walm balm of loving care.

1-1 Individual Support

You’ll receive my deep support and coaching to help you remember who you are, and the rich medicine you are here to offer the world.


We will have sacred group rituals to deepen our work and cast the collective spells for all our desires to come to life to better support our world.

Pleasure Practices

You'll reconnect to your pleasure in the most embodied way = using that life force energy to fuel you.

What are the powers you walk away with?

These tools are like a full body exhale that bring you back to what feels good, safe, and doable.

You’ll find you’re no longer triggered by the things that used to stress you out.

No more hiding. No more self doubt. No more lashing out.

You're remembering your OWN medicine.

Renewable Energy

Take these doses as needed.

You'll discover ways to use your own life force energy to nourish your body, and your creative energy.

Being Able To Receive

Collective support with biweekly 90 min hour interactive coven calls. These collective calls are key. We are meant to hold and support one another. You’ll practice your receiving muscles and let the support in.

the ReBloom Archetypal road map

We will follow a proven path back to your Blueprint of Health, that guides you, and that is always there to return to if you need to find your way. This content stems from the ReBloom body of work developed by Rachael Maddox.

Creativity and Self Resourcing

You’ll have an interactive online hub to work through in between calls to deepen your foundation of support, and to be able to creatively support yourself whenever you need.

YES I'm ready to apply

Worthiness + Receptivity

Psychedelic psychedelic

We start with the Archetype of the Soul Seed.

As you embody this archetype, you’ll learn what you want, what your desires are, and trust they are valid. You’ll learn how to feed your needs, receive you needs, and nourish your foundation.

Sovereignty + Boundaries

Psychedelic psychedelic

Next, it’s time to embody the Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper brings the gift of helping you say YES to the things that serve you, nourish you, and support your ability to thrive,

and say NO to the things that drain your energy, and suck your life force energy.

Strengthen your ability to set health boundaries.

Whole Self Expression

Psychedelic psychedelic

Here we welcome the Expressionista.

Letting go of shame, and sharing your gifts.

Expressionista helps you cultivate your unique expression as medicine, supporting you to open your heart and shine bright in the world.

Be visible and share what's true from a heart opened place.

Clarity + Trust

Psychedelic psychedelic

Here we connect with our SAGE.

Empower your ability to honor and trust yourself, your leadership, and your truth.

Say goodbye to second guessing and doubting yourself and your abilities.

Vitality + Embodied Safety

Psychedelic psychedelic

Enter the Groundskeeper.

Tenderly nourish your body with rituals and routines that deeply serve you.

Remembering and cultivating the practices that serve your vitality, your resilience, your health.

Intimate Belonging + Sensuality

Psychedelic psychedelic

Now we get to dance with your Pollinator.

Here you learn to embrace and enhance your sensuality.

You are connected to your ancestors, your land.

You know your passions.

Your full sexual expression is celebrated and welcomed.


Psychedelic psychedelic

Finally we embody the Sacred Gardener.

Honor and celebrate your wild, sacred nature, and that of all the collective.

Let go of the wounds of our extractive culture.

ReBloom right relationships with time, power, each other.

The Come Alive Coven

We’re ready to leave things better than we found them.

YES I'm ready to apply

We are people who’ve done the work, and want the connection and support to deepen their connection to themselves and those they love.

We’re coaches, healers, creative entrepreneurs, and professionals who are always learning and growing, honing their craft.

We’re moms and caregivers and pet owners who love community and connection with others - but are craving that big time right now.

We are women and vulva owners who believe that there is more to life than the daily grind and ready for something different. .

We believe in smashing the patriarchal beliefs that hurt our tender truths and that equity and social justice are non negotiable.

We are, as one of my mentors and creator of the ReBloom archetypes we are exploring Rachael Maddox says, World Changing Witches.

You want to do more and want to feel better in your body

You want to shamelessly enjoy your body and the pleasure it provides.

You want to have playfulness and turn on again in your relationship

You want to channel that calm gentle caregiver when parenting stress is too much.

You want to access your resilience and joy and pleasure when it all feels too much.

You want to shine in your work and create sustainable resource for yourself, make the money you want and do it in a way that feels good and right, not ikky and manipulative.

AND You are ready for it NOW.

YES I'm ready to apply

Here we say NO to:

Feeling unworthy

Not feeling enough.

Comparing ourselves to others.

Second guessing our wisdom.

Overgiving. Overscheduling.

To having sex when we don’t want to.

To the grind.

Here, it’s perfectly fine to say no.

In fact, we encourage it.

We like to say “no” too.

We want to be the change in the way we see the BS in the industry around us and leave it better than we found it .

Here we say YES to:

To fun. Laughter.

Orgasmic bliss.

Pleasures big and small.

Feeling amazing in our skin.

Trusting Ourselves.

Trusting our bodies,

Deeply loving ourselves.

Being SEEN and Valued.

Soul nourishment.

Nervous system regulation, and resilience.

Clear boundaries

More ease

More adaptability.

Meeting our needs FIRST.

Stopping when it feels too much.

Receiving ALLL the support we need.

Running around naked in the woods!

(or maybe that’s just me;) )

What will you get from this experience?

How does the Come Alive Coven transform you?

By coming into whole self alignment.

Trusting yourself and your medicine is enough.

Trusting your pleasure is enough.

Because as you Come Alive, you ReBloom into your magnificence again.

YES I want to be a part of this community!

  • You will know your desires and needs, know how to ask for them, and be able to receive them deeply.

  • You will feel more sensually alive and connected to your sexuality.

  • You will have more confidence and ease in being visible, and expressing your authentic self.

  • You will feel more pleasure and ease, and less frustration and overwhelm.

  • You will feel amazing in your skin, and feel more love for your body exactly as you are.

  • You will have access to more creative energy, and feel more magnetic to bring your desires to life, (and know in every cell of your body, you are worthy of them)

We are creating the community

we want to be a part of.

Brave, courageous humans who want to live embracing all of who we are, trusting we are good enough,

and shutting up that mean voice inside that insists you don’t have what it takes.

It sounds amazing right??

YES I want to be a part of this community!

And, that part who is trying to insist that you’re not good enough is rearing their ugly head right about now.

Because it’s telling you that...

Well, everything isn’t THAT bad.

Maybe I don’t really want all that anyways,

It’s a bit scary to think of actually having all that I want.

Maybe I'll do it later.

That part of you is keeping you stuck.

Keeping you miserable.

And it just wants to keep things as they are.

Snow Covered Trees

Our Brains Don't Like Change.

Psychedelic psychedelic

Even if what we are experiencing is uncomfortable AF…

Those silly brains of ours will want us to stay there thinking it will keep us safe.

We can send some acknowledgement and appreciation for that part---Thank it and gently remind this part of your truth...

where you are isn’t where you want to be.

And if you stay there…

You know things will continue to disintegrate.

Maybe you’ll give up that dream to have the successful business.

You’re burned out and the daily grind is becoming more and more taxing on your health.

Maybe your relationship will continue to feel like a roommate situation.

The numbness around your life may keep growing..

And you know- this isn’t who you want to be.

This isn’t the life you want to live.

This isn't actually safe. THIS IS KEEPING YOU MISERABLE!

This is how our brains are designed, and when you’re in the negative loops,

its’ so hard to find that other option sometimes.

I’ve been there, and I know all about it.

Ready to burn everything down, and just give up.

I also know, when you use the tools that take you back to your self trust, your pleasure, your inner knowing, your intuition and confidence…

you are open to the breadcrumbs that lead you down the path you WANT to take.

You see the better opportunities. The discovery calls pop up in your calendar.

The invitations to share your expertise start to come in.

You stop letting that mean voice of resistance hold you back, because you know it’s just a fact of life and EVERYONE has those same thoughts.

And it is possible to make these big changes in small, doable ways.

Because that is the magic.

We can only go as fast as the slowest part of us wants to go.

And it's NOT your fault.

Yes I'm ready to apply!

What happens next?

After almost a decade of coaching hundreds of clients over the years with masterful skills in coaching, pleasure embodiment, and somatic trauma resolution, something I know is that the magical results are different from everyone.

And, to be honest- I can’t promise what will unfold, but I can assure you the incredible magic that happens when a woman comes home to herself, when that sacred remembrance of who she really is comes back online, she turns back on. She comes alive again.

Things you never thought possible start to happen.

You start trusting your desires and wholeheartedly going after them.

You know you’re not meant to do it alone, and have created a community of support around you so things feel easier.

Here are some results that past clients have shared:

"I feel so much more empowered and radiant, and more sexy than ever before!"

"My relationship has done a complete 180°, and I feel more confident asking for what I want in the bedroom. The relationship feels exponentially better"

"My husband and I are connecting much better in every facet of life. It is like magic. I must put most of the attributes to you! I feel that I have met my goal for sure when I had you coach me....not enough THANKS I can give you ♥♥♥."

"I’ve been able to say NO to commitments that were draining my energy, giving me more time to pursue my creative interests, and I’m painting again!"

"I trust myself again. I realized I hadn’t given space for my authentic self. Now I say YES to ME. I feel such freedom and connection and love for myself like never before."

Some other transformational stories:

J was struggling with her relationship, and didn’t trust her ability to surrender. After working together to integrate her fear of the masculine, she was able to move forward with her dream of traveling to Italy with her boyfriend to work remotely and travel for 6 months. And PS now they are married!

D went from feeling overwhelmed and unhappy in her body - to getting super clear on what she wanted in her life- she brought in a relationship with a beautiful man, as well as got a promotion at her job. She went from being numb sexually to fully enjoying her orgasm for the first time.

K. was struggling in business and in her confidence, and felt she couldn’t charge $1500 per 3 month package for her coaching.

We worked together to integrate an intense family relationship and because of this she was able to have a new relationship to her worth, and now only sells 20K prepaid packages and she just did a TED talk.

B went from pretending to be asleep when her partner came to bed, on the brink of divorce, to having a thriving relationship again, and now they are even more attracted to each other than when they first met, and have implemented new strategies in communication so they can speak their needs without argument, and are regularly enjoying sex again.

S went from feeling zero sensation or pleasure to expanding her definition of pleasure in her body, and now enjoys more intimacy with her husband, feels more connected and able to communicate, and was able to process some serious deep grief to move that out of her body and feel renewed and like a new woman. She also lost 40 pounds as a result of this transformation.

Yes I'm ready to apply!

Your first step...

is into the

Come Alive Coven.

Yes I'm Ready to Apply!

Collective Calls

(11) Bi-Weekly 90 min council coaching zoom calls

Mondays at 11 MST/ 1 EST

Starting 1/23/23

Intimate coven with a maximum of 6 people

A community forum for support between calls

6 potent embodiment rituals on Fridays from 11-12 pm MST

What you get in this deliciously supportive

6 month program:

1-1 Calls

Personalized 1-1 Coaching Calls with Amanda

One 2 hour intake session with Amanda to map out your unique Come Alive desires and miracle wishes

A personalized map to Come Alive again

Yes I'm ready to apply!

Online Portal

Online Come Alive portal full of magical

embodiment practices,


journaling questions,

archetypal deep dives,

and more supportive tools to return to when needed.


Tier 1 includes everything above plus (6) 75 min 1-1 calls,

Total investment $1000 per month or $6000 pay in full

Tier 2 includes everything above with double the 1-1 support, (12) total 1-1 calls, Total investment $1500 per month or $9000 pay in full

Yes I'm Ready To Apply!


When does Come Alive begin?

We start Jan 23th 2023

How many participants are there?

A maximum of 6.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! You can divide your payment into monthly installments at no extra charge. If you’re reading this and you are a HELL yes but may need to discuss a longer payment option, we can discuss that too- first step is to apply here.

Do you offer any scholarships?

I always have a small, self-funded pool of scholarship money available for partial scholarships for minoritized persons. For more information, please email

Do you offer refunds?

Our commitment to you is to go ALL IN. Please invest responsibly and with full commitment. There are no refunds for work already granted, but if some unforeseen life event happens, we can be human and discuss options.

How much time will I need to spend every week?

With as little as one practice a week you will start to notice changes. This is why we have a six month container. So we can really dive in deep and rewire our nervous systems. The practices are designed to build resilience in your nervous system, which equals more energy and more capacity to handle stress in your life.

This will help you focus on what is truly important—so you can trim down your to do list instead of bulking it up.

What if I can't make the live calls?

Everything will be recorded and available for you on the course platform, however it is highly recommended to attend the calls live so you can get the group's support and wisdom, and build that community for yourself.

What about Privacy?

Don't worry, your privacy is protected. Everything is confidential. We will all sign off our our collective community agreements and discuss this in detail in our first gathering together.

I'm nervous, this feels scary!

Of course it does, making change takes us out of our comfort zone, and our lizard brain wants to protect us, so it will fight to make sure things don't change.

But you know, that once you're on board, the process can be fun and very simple.

And you will be supported every step of the way.

You get to choose what you say Yes and No to all along.

This is your journey and you will be supported to participate in the way that feels most doable for you.

I still have questions and want more details.

Book your call with Amanda Here.

Decision Time

You may be at that moment in your life where you are finally ready to say YES to yourself and becoming the most vibrant and alive version of yourself. You're ready to let your medicine shine and be rewarded for your efforts.

I’m here to gently guide you down the path to rediscover your unique medicine, your pleasure and the joy that is your birthright.

So you can create the magic you are here to create in the world, if that is raising kids, running an empire, or simply being. You are enough exactly as you are, there is nothing to fix about you. We’re simply dusting off the layers of conditioning, fear, repression that has been thrown on us by our culture.

We’re saying “no” to the story we’re being fed.

I know you’re here because you feel it. The pull. The knowing. It’s in you and ready to shine.

To light up your Feminine Fire, (your sexy confidence, your desire, and life force energy).

It's time - to COME ALIVE AGAIN.

Yes I'm Ready To Apply!

More About me.

Copyright 2022 Amanda Testa LLC

Yes I'm Ready To Apply!

Hello, I’m Amanda Testa. I’m a trusted healer, coach, and guide who’s served hundreds of clients over the years with masterful skills in coaching, pleasure embodiment, and somatic trauma resolution.

My clients tenderly heal their relationship with their sexuality, shamelessly embrace pleasure, own their sexy confidence, and cultivate deeply connected relationships with my fiercely loving support.

When I not leading transformative sessions, you can find me snuggling my spunky 10 year old, flirting with my sexy hubs, playing in nature, enjoying live music, and having epic conversations about sex with fellow experts on my Find Your Feminine Fire podcast.

After thousands of hours of training in trauma informed sex and relationship coaching, tantric sex coaching, sacred sexuality, energy healing, somatic trauma resolution, and more, I’ve seen time an time again the magic and wisdom of our bodies. We all have the ability to return to our blueprint of health, aliveness, pleasure and sovereignty, and you can too.

With my powerful, loving and gentle support my clients find their desire and pleasure again, find safety and bliss in their bodies, shine authentically in their businesses, and remember they are enough just as they are.

More reasons to join:

Feedback from group calls:

“I didn't know what to expect, but I was completely blown away by Amanda and the power of connecting with our amazing group of women each week. I feel more open, more playful, more creative, more in touch with my authentic self. Amanda is the most caring and imaginative leader. She goes above and beyond to create an intimate and impactful experience for each woman. Get Amanda into your life, stat! Your body, your spirit, and all of the people in your life will thank you for it."

“Amanda brings her deep expertise and many gifts and creates a unique experience for each participant, yet also offers an open, supportive community environment. I felt encouraged and inspired to go within and take ownership for my deepest desire, which is to become my best, healthiest self, feeling alive, energized and empowered. Amanda guided me to take ownership for this and truly step into my power to manifest this. And I came to understand that, even now, I am perfect. “

Feedback from 1-1 support:

“I am profoundly grateful to Amanda for creating an intimate, trust-filled space for me to go deep and be vulnerable. Without her wisdom and warm, tender witnessing I would not have been able to lean into the joy-filled, successful BIG future I want to create. Our sessions supported me to gently move to one side my own inner blocks and once again connect to my power. If I had shame or avoidance come up again, or just wanted inspiration to live a more pleasure-filled, vibrant life I would contact Amanda again in a heartbeat.”

“I started working with Amanda at a time when I felt really disconnected from my pleasure. I was going through a really rough patch in my life, dealing with many challenging crises. In our sessions she brought me back to my breath, my body, and my pleasure. The container Amanda created guided me to a rediscovery of myself and w